In an unorthodox move, some Australian schools have introduced make-up lessons for their students to try and help them cope with the pressures from social media.

Some secondary schools claim students are being influenced by online beauty experts who offer make-up and beauty tips.

Make-up artist Larissa Jones has held workshops in Australian schools told the ABC: 

‘We’ve hit an era with YouTube just blowing up with beauty bloggers. It’s really important to speak to the young girls,’

‘[It’s about] helping them realise you’ve got the power to change how you feel about yourself on the inside.’


Ms Jones has already held workshops in more than 30 schools across the country.

The courses focus on ‘inner-beauty’ and showcasing kindness, as well as learning better techniques to apply make-up.

Following a session at Karoonda Area School, in south-east South Australia, one student revealed the impact workshops had while getting ready for a school disco.

‘When I finally finished (putting a themed outfit together) I hated what I looked like’

‘I was frightened of what people at my school would think of me, but then I remembered the self-talk I remembered from Larissa Jones.’

‘I started to say good things to myself such as: you look amazing, you are unique, who cares what people think – saying all of this gave me enough confidence to go to the disco.’


‘Without Larissa’s help I would have never had the courage to go,’ the girl concluded.

Among Australia’s top make up influencers are Shani Grimmond, Michael Finch and Jaz Hand who have millions of followers on YouTube alone.

Daily Mail

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