Social media makes us all act a little strangely, doesn’t it? No-one simply posts a photo and walks away, they check it constantly – and if they say they don’t – they’re lying.

So it wasn’t all that surprising that ex-Australia’s Next Top Model runner-up, who by her own admission, gets A LOT of Instagram likes, was APPALLED to have only received 14 likes on an inspirational Instagram post that simply read, ‘Say yes to new adventures.’

Now, the mum-of-one has lashed out at her Instagram followers, reposted the photo to her Instagram account, calling out her followers who didn’t double tap the screen when they scanned past her post.

#OffOnAnAdventure #RoadTrip #Regram @runningbare83

A photo posted by Cassi Van Den Dungen (@cassivandendungen) on

The caption read: “After going away on an amazing holiday/road trip I come home to see my post on new adventures had only 14 likes … the lowest amount I’ve ever had on Instagram. “I have to say I’m pretty shocked because this, to me, either means that people A) don’t like me having new adventures, as if I’m not allowed fun [sic], or B) it means people don’t like new adventures.”

The 23-year-old continued: “Either way, all I have to say to those people who didn’t like my post and don’t like having fun is … YOU ALL SUCK!!!! Adventures are fun and I’ll enjoy every one I have. To the 14 people who did like my post…..WOOOW!!!! Bring on new adventures.”


While we’re not sure that in fact anyone was saying or insinuating that, we do respect her disappointment, but want to let Cassi know that while having nine thousand followers certainly should ensure a solid amount of Instagram likes, there are several factors that come into a truly successful Instagram post.

First of all, it’s knowing that if it’s good, inspiring content, you should be happy with the fact that it probably just made people feel good; no ‘like’ necessary. Secondly, you have to take timing into consideration, posting at certain times of the day attract more ‘likes’ than others. So chin up!

People have been fast to criticise the model’s comment, “The irony is that you claim to exercise the idea of adventure yet you measure the relevance of it by the amount of likes you get #fail,” wrote one commenter. Another said: “This is a very sad post. Your need for validation from strangers speaks volumes re the type of person you are. Perhaps you need to see someone?”


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