When an Aussie girl heads abroad, trouble can often follow her.

Such was the case for a young girl in Canada, who decided to go out and have a little too much to drink one night.

The result was not pretty.

You see, she blacked out and fell asleep in the snow, which apart from being incredibly scary, also spelled disaster for her healthwise.

When she was found in the morning, she had suffered moderate hypothermia and frostbite.

The diagnosis? Best case scenario she would keep her fingers, worst case scenario, she would lose her hands.


As you can see, her hands blew up like balloons!

She described the pain and the pressure of the swelling as ‘verging on unbearable’, but was under strict instructions from her doctor not to ‘pop’ them; that was his job in a few days time.

Fast forward to after the doctor cut her blisters and puss went EVERYWHERE!


The great news? She’ll most likely keep all of her fingers! The only one that’s a bit of a worry is her left pinky finger and the tip of the right middle finger. She will find out in June.

Kids, the moral of the story? Don’t drink too much – especially in the snow!

Images via Imgur

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