“As some of you know, I have gone through every mother’s worst fear.”

On June 2nd Ashley Grimm’s world as she knew it changed forever.

The Idaho mother was out with her children when a large rock rolled in front of her car.

Her car was sent plummeting into the side of a cliff and in that moment her world was ripped apart.

Taking to Facebook, Ashley explains that her youngest son was notorious for doing “everything he could” to unbuckle his seatbelt despite them trying everything they could.

“We tried five point harness seats, boosters, I believe even zip ties at one point (probably not safe either) but he always viewed it as a superhero challenge,” she wrote.

“He was a superhero because he always succeeded. On average, I would usually pull over three or four times on any given trip to firmly make him buckle up again.”


Despite being just five minutes into their journey, 4-year-old Titus lived up to his superhero status and had already managed to unbuckle.

Sadly he lost his life the moment the van lost control.

Ashley says two days later as she began to emerge from the fog and grief of what had happened, she was shocked to see people’s response to the accident on Facebook.

“I was thankful they reported that no drugs or alcohol had been a factor. But that’s not what hurt,” she wrote.

“The readers commented the cruelest things about how horrible of a mother I was. How I deserved it. How my children should be taken from me.

“I wanted to punch them, shake them. Tell them how close we were, how hard I fought to keep him safe.”


Instead she took to Facebook to write a post to remind everyone to “Hold your babies tight”.

And it’s a post that will not only break your heart but make you do just that.

The 31-year-old says after the experience which has seen her sleep by his grave and contemplate jumping off the cliff it overlooks, she wants everyone to remember the important things.

“Go hug your babies right now. Soak in their smell, look at the innocent sparkle in their eyes that is lost somewhere between childhood and adulthood,” she wrote.

“Really feel how they squeeze you. Set down your phone and see them through the lens of your eyes not only the lens of your camera.

“Remember the feeling of their head on your shoulder, their hand in yours, their sloppy kisses on your cheeks.


“Nurse them one more time. Sleep is overrated. Listen five minutes longer about Star Wars, minecraft and Disney princesses.

“Mamas, hold your children tight. How blessed you are to have been entrusted with such unique, beautiful, tiny humans.”

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