It was a arm-wrestle challenge between former Maroons prop Ben Ross and ex-Kangaroos winger Wendell Sailor which saw Ross seriously snap his arm live on The Footy Show last night.

Only four seconds into the challenge before audiences both in the studio and watching live on television heard a gut-wrenching ‘pop’ and witnessed Ross drop to the floor with TV host Beau Ryan covering his mouth in horror.

Ben Ross was taken to Royal North Hospital accompanied by one of the show producers.

The Footy Show’s Facebook page later wrote “UPDATE ON BEN ROSS: An X-ray on Ben has confirmed a broken humerus. He has been in remarkably good spirits all night and is already asking for a left handed rematch! An NRL Footy Show producer stayed with Ben in the ambulance and at hospital until his wife arrived.”.

We wish Ben makes a speedy recovery.

See the shocking moment which was broadcast live on television below. WARNING: Contains very graphic content and strong language. 

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