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Grammy nominations are out, with musical powerhouses Beyonce and Adele seemingly head to head on some major awards including Album Of The Year, as well as Aussies Sia, Flume and Keith Urban all receiving Grammys nods.

Ariana Grande is one artist who has definitely not kept her excitement about receiving a Grammy nomination, two in fact, a secret!

Among the company of some other amazing artists including Adele, Justin Bieber and Beyonce, Ariana will be vying for ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ with ‘Dangerous Woman’ as well as ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’, also for ‘Dangerous Woman’.

How did she react to this news? By telling the world about her unusual and somewhat graphic current state of being… “My heart is falling out of my ass.”

That’s right, as HollywoodLife has so wonderfully phrased it, she was literally “pooping happiness”.


Once she was done popping happiness, the singer phrased her excitement in a much more eloquent way, “I’m so honored and moved and excited also to be nominated alongside so many artists (and friends) I love and albums I am such a fan of. Thank you for the nominations.”

That’s better Ari, although we did quite enjoy the first tweet. Nailed it.

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