Okay, WHAT is going on! Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are no longer engaged so then WHY is the singer once again wearing a ring on THAT finger?! *Deep breaths* – Let us explain.

So in case you haven’t noticed, Ari’s been flooding her Instagram account with images from her music video for her latest hit, ‘Thank U, Next’.

And while everyone’s been chatting up a storm about the tributes to some of classic pop culture films, including Legally Blonde, Suddenly Thirty and Bring It On, you may have missed the selfie of the singer that features some new bling on her ring finger!


Ariana Grande Posts Instagram Photo Wearing A New Ring On That finger

In the selfie uploaded to her account on Sunday night, the ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ singer is seen holding up her phone with her left hand, taking a quick pic of her banging outfit in the mirror.

Oh and while you might be easily distracted by that hot pink feather boob-tube that she’s rocking (and yes, we forgive you because it’s seriously working for her), if you take a closer squiz at her left hand you can see a gold coloured band on her that very important finger!

The pic was captioned, “…n I’m so good with that”, which are lyrics from the breakup anthem ‘Thank U, Next’.


And basically now we just have SO many questions. Is this another engagement ring?! After all, we’ve already seen just how quickly this gal can get engaged.

As you should know by now, Ari is recently single after her and ex-fiance Pete Davidson broke up back in October following their whirlwind relationship, inspiring the singer to write our new favourite song, ‘Thank U, Next’.

But according to Teen Vogue, we shouldn’t start sniffing around to find out who Ari’s new mystery man could be. They’re saying that this new bling looks like it could be a friendship ring with her two best friends, Alexa Luria and Njomza, who own similar rings.

So basically unsure what all of this means at this point. But in other news, where can we buy one of those feathered pink tops? We need that in our life ASAP.

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