Looks like we’re about to get the collab of the year, and it’s only May!

Two mega artists, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are out here teasing that they’re working on something together and holy moly we can’t deal.

Justin Bieber first posted a cryptic tweet saying, “Special announcement tomorrow at 10am pst…”

We then caught wind that Ariana would be joining in on the announcement as she retweeted the post and added, “see you there everybody”, which Justin in turn also retweeted.


That’s literally all the information that we have to go off so far, but no doubt if they’re working on something together it’s going to be new music right?

We can only hope!

Another clue, that could just be a coincidence, is that Ariana and Justin’s most recent Instagram posts both have the same eerie and foggy look to them. Justin’s had no caption while Ariana’s has just a simple black heart.

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Whatever these two are working on together, we can’t wait to find out! Stay tuned for more!

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