See the world through the lense of someone who is colour blind. 

Eight per cent of males and 0.4 per cent of woman are colour blind, a largely inherited condition that has no cure. 

And while some people go through life unaware that they are colour blind, the way they view the world is more than just muted colours or shades of grey. 

There are in fact different types of colour blind, depending on what shades and colours you are unable to read. 

Deuteranopia (green blindness), Tritanopia (blue blindness) and Protanopia (red blindness). 

Here is an image showing the difference between normal colour vision and someone who suffers from dichromat. 


Looking across all three types of colour blind, a colour wheel can be altered as follows. 

It’s ironic, however, that for people who suffer from colour blindness, the above images hold little to no value. 

There are numerous ways to test for colour blindness, including online tests via Colour Vision Testing.

But the final diagnosis should always be made by a qualified professional. 


But if any of these images look too similar for comfort, then perhaps it is worth a check up! 

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