Ready for another optical illusion?

This is the latest brain-buster to take the internet by storm and, we have to admit, we’re STUMPED.

According to Gizmodo, this is Ninio’s extinction illusion and it’s specifically designed to trick you – which is hardly fair.

Take a look at the box below; what you should see are 12 black dots, distributed evenly on a grey, criss-cross pattern.

But what your brain allows you to see is something totally different.

Good luck trying to keep your eye on more than four black dots at any one time!


Struggling? We thought so.

Basically, Ninio has taken advantage of something called “lateral inhibition”, which means that “the stimulated light receptors in your eye can sometimes mess with the ones adjacent to them, making you see things that aren’t there, or not see things that are there.”

Ninio himself explains it as: “When the white disks in a scintillating grid are reduced in size, and outlined in black, they tend to disappear.

“One sees only a few of them at a time, in clusters which move erratically on the page.”

Which is why you can probably on keep your eye on a handful at a time – although one man’s wife claims to be able to see all 12 at once.

How many black dots can YOU see?


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