It’s been a while since we have hard about this old rivalry but it appears to be back.

Before we get into it, we should recap.

Taylor Swift had a massive song called ”Bad Blood” where she not subtly implied it was about another pop star who had done something horrible to her.

It mad the whole internet go into meltdown as the tried to figure out what had happened and that’s when it came to light. Katy Perry had allegedly stolen some of Taylor’s dancers and essentially ruining her tour.

When the song was released Katy tweeted ”Watch out for Regina George in sheep’s clothing.”

That was pretty much it, we had it all figured out and we could move on


Well, apprently not, as a few years later here we are.

Katy Perry looks to have made reference to the argument by naming her new perfume ”Mad Love”. You know as in ”You know it used to be mad love” a classic from the same hit song.

It’s all speculation of course, it could just be a name for a perfume but we truly believe Katy isn’t giving up on this one.

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