Believe it or not, more went down at Apple Event than just the news that the headphone jack is so out this season.

As usual, the tech juggernauts announced all the fun ways their latest operating system (we’re up to iOS 10 at this point) is going to make our phones even more of a joy to be around.

We’re getting STICKERS and ANIMATIONS and a PREDICTIVE EMOJI KEYBOARD – so maybe take it easy with the eggplant talk. 

But NOTHING tops the sneaky addition on Invisible Ink; remember, as a kid, when you’d write in lemon juice and then hold the paper over a lamp to reveal your secret message?

Well THAT just got a 21st century makeover and, let’s be honest here, we know you’re going to use it for the naughty stuff.

It’s like porn mode “incognito mode” for your text messages!


Basically, you write your inappropriate little haiku, select Invisible mode and ping it along to the lucky recipient; meanwhile, they get a blank message which only reveals itself if they swipe across the screen.

So even if the target of your desires is sitting beside their 90-year-old grandmother/ showing someone something on their phone/ isn’t quite ready to unleash your literary prowess on themselves quite yet, your lovely message will remain there, invisible, until required.

Oh, and you can hide drawings too, which, as Elite Daily points out, probably means a LOT of cartoon penises clogging up your inbox.

How good’s technology!


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