While Big Brother is by no means a dating show, it certainly is known for it’s love stories on each season!

Ultimately each housemate is playing the game for themselves but when you’re stuck in a house with the same people for a long period of time with nothing to do but interact with each other, it’s no wonder that relationships form.

And it seems that this all new version of Big Brother will be no different!

Host of the show Sonia Kruger joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to give us all the inside goss on the housemates that will appear on the show this season when she revealed we’ve got one epic love story on the way!

Sonia also told us that this cast would have to be some of the best housemates ever.

“What do you think of the housemates? How are they for entertainment?” Jackie asked Sonia this morning.

“I think that they’re the best group of housemates that we’ve had since day dot,” Sonia replied.


Now that’s a BIG claim! But man we can’t wait to see for ourselves if that’s the truth! It certainly looks like Sonia is right based on the first Big Brother promo released last night that shows the housemates entering the house for the first time.

Sonia continued by giving us some details about the variety of housemates they’ve chosen, explaining that the whole bunch are very real and not afraid to be themselves.

“Very early on they showed me the people that they had chosen and I think authenticity was the key thing, they just wanted real people,” Sonia said.

“You know because everybody’s an Instagram influencer or a bikini model and so everybody has an agenda, but if you look at the people we’ve already promoted and know are going into the house… You’ll be surprised. And that’s the thing, it’s first impressions.


“There were a couple of people I just thought, ‘Oh no, this is not going to go well for them’, but as I watched them in the house I started to fall in love with them.”

Speaking of love, Sonia then added that we will see one pair in particular fall in love during their time in the house.

“And then there are people in the house falling in love with each other,” Sonia revealed.

“Is that right? Oh I love a love story in the house as well,” Kyle said.

“Yeah there’s a really beautiful love story,” she replied, although she didn’t reveal who exactly is involved.

BRB we’re off to the Big Brother instagram page to play match maker with all of the cast members that we know so far! Who do you think it will be? We’re going to put money on Chad and Talia we reckon!


Hear more from our chat with Sonia Kruger in the podcast below!

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