Jamie was no doubt the most intense fella we’ve ever seen on The Bachelorette – and yes that includes Jarrod and his pot plant.

But last night his time on the show came to an end when he didn’t receive a rose at the rose ceremony after an attempt to throw some of the other guys under the bus failed miserably.


Unsurprisingly he was pretty devastated because Jamie was rather, let’s just say infatuated with Angie.

Jamie joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning along with the other guy who left the mansion last night, Ciarran (We still can’t cope with this one *tear*) when we asked Jamie about his stage five clinger edit on the show.

“Did you watch that show and go ‘yeah that’s me’ or did you go ‘oh that’s unfair, that’s not really a representation of who I am’?,” Jackie asked.

“I saw people online write they were scared for Angie’s safety,” Jamie laughed. “It is hard to watch some of that back because I was emotionally invested in Angie. I think all of us were.”


The loveable Ciarran then chimed in to reveal just how “emotionally invested” Jamie was, even BEFORE he met Angie. As it turns out, Jamie actually packed something rather risque in his bag before heading into the mansion…

“He was the only guy that brought a pack of condoms into the mansion,” Cirran revealed. “He was ready for that single date wasn’t he! He brought them ready. Packed, ready to go.”

JAMIE! That’s not how the Bachelorette works in Australia! We don’t have fantasy suites like they do in the States!

“I’m not going to confirm or deny that rumour,” Jamie laughed.

“You don’t have to, Ciarran’s just confirmed it,” Jackie added.

“I’ve been watching the American version too much.”


Apart from that little tidbit, we also found out that Jamie had one mega crush on Angie BEFORE he entered the Bachelorette mansion after watching her on previous TV shows like I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Which kinda explains why he was so obsessed with her from the moment he arrived on the red carpet on night one.

“I didn’t know her too well from Gogglebox but I knew her from her time in the jungle,” Jamie said.

“What really drew me towards Angie was her putting herself out of her comfort zone in the jungle. I’m a big traveller, I love travelling and I had a lot of respect for what she did.

“Just some of the things that Angie has done in her past have paralleled to what I wanted in a woman,” he continued.

“Jamie came in with a full wikipedia spread,” Ciarran joked.


Aw poor Jamie! He was always going to get his heart broken wasn’t he… We do hope he manages to move on sometime soon now that he’s no longer in the running for Angie’s final rose!

Hear our full chat with Ciarran and Jamie in the podcast below!