Last night, the beautiful specimen that is Apollo was eliminated from The Bachelorette.

That leaves Jarrod and Stu in the running for Sophie’s heart. So what happened for Apollo? An awkward date, that’s what.

This morning, we got Apollo on the show to talk about his elimination from the show and find out what REALLY went on during that final date with Sophie… and the breadsticks.

‘What did you really want to do with the breadsticks?’ Kyle asked.


‘Eat them! I was just trying to be polite, I’d smashed about 13 of them, so I was like… ‘breadstick?’ before I finished them all.

‘What happened? Were you not feeling it, or did you really just draw a blank? Jackie asked.

‘I was just exhausted, I was super tired…’

‘You were over it.’ Kyle finished.


‘Well I was sitting there and I was tired, and I was nervous and just felt a little bit awkward, I sort of just did want to sit there and chill with her and eat breadsticks.’

‘As a magic man, did you know the magic’s not here with her?’ Kyle asked.

‘After that [date], it was definitely no surprise [to be sent home], I kind of predicted that, didn’t need magic for that one,’ Apollo replied.

Definitely not the ending I’d hoped for, 3-6 years was meant to be my reply for kids but I crumbled.. Sophie is an absolutely amazing woman in every way and I wish her all the happiness I know she’ll make the right decision and end up with an awesome partner who’ll treat her right. I just want to thank from the bottom of my heart everyone who’s supported me through my journey, sorry I havnt been able to get back to people’s messages but your support means the world to me, it’s been a whirlwind experience full of challenges, life lessons and moments ill never forget. I’ve learnt so much about my myself and been lucky enough to make some life-long friends in the house. My hearts still open for finding love and I know the right persons out there for me. . . . #bacheloretteau #BacheloretteAU #thebachelorette #bachelor #love #networkten #ten #instadaily #TV #magic #magician #flowers #beautiful #instagood #instalike #music #smile #vintage #date #onesie #photography #opera

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