Shoppers have been left traumatised after animal rights group PETA appeared to barbecue a lifelike dog in the middle of Sydney’s CBD.

PETA’s most recent stunt was allegedly designed to stop people from eating meat on Australia, and was accompanied by signs asking: “If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a lamb?”

The pretend dog was seen lying on the barbecue, alongside corn, onions and mushrooms.

“The idea of barbecuing dogs rightly causes outrage amongst Australians. Meanwhile, millions of other equally sensitive and intelligent animals are forced to endure horrific suffering when they’re bred, raised and killed for the meat industry,” the animal rights organisation said in a statement.

“This is called speciesism – a form of discrimination based on nothing more than species – and like all forms of discrimination, it cannot be justified.”

Shoppers were extremely upset about the stunt, with many taking to social media to express their outrage.

“Children on their school holidays were ‘visibly upset’ after coming across a fake dog being cooked on a barbecue,” one user wrote.


“@peta stopping to new lows with their stunt in Martin Place today – terrifying children on school holiday outings by barbecuing a (very lifelike) dog. I saw some visibly upset kids,” wrote another.

PETA’s response was blunt, exclaiming “If you care about animals, try not eating them.”

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