Angie Kent joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning ahead of her time on the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

But of course we’re still obsessed with her time on The Bachelorette and wanted to know everything that’s going on with her relationship with her Bachie beau Carlin.

Angie revealed that she is still together with Carlin and they couldn’t be more in love.

Recently though rumours were spreading that Angie and Carlin had been spotted ring shopping, leading people to believe they could take their relationship to the next level sometime soon.

Jackie decided to find out if there was any truth to the matter.


“Do you think you guys will get married?” Jackie asked Angie this morning.

And her honesty surprised us a little! Angie told us that she isn’t actually that keen on marriage and doesn’t dream about it like most girls do, but she’d obviously say yes if Carlin asked.

“I’m not big on marriage, but if he wanted to I probably would,” Angie revealed. “I’ve never wanted to get married.”

“I’ve never heard an answer like that before,” Kyle exclaimed a little surprised.

“Do you know what I mean? I’m not the sort of person that’s like planned her wedding. I’ve planned my funeral but I haven’t planned my wedding,” Angie said.

Well looks like Angie and our very own Kyle have more in common than we thought! After all, everyone knows Kyle’s got his funeral plans set in stone from the music to the music to the rather morbid prank he wants to play on everyone.


(He wants his body to be mechanically lifted out of the coffin and have Jackie shout “only lying” in case you were wondering.)

As for Angie and Carlin, it sounds like the next big step they’ll be making in their relationship is moving in together.

While Angie has recently moved to Sydney to be closer to Carlin, she told us that at the moment they just want to enjoy having a normal relationship. But at the one year mark they might look at living together.

Listen to more from our chat with Angie Kent in the podcast below!


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