The resident Queen of the all new season of Big Brother, Angela, said that she felt like she’d entered heaven when she was secretly save from her eviction last night and placed in Big Brother’s bunker.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Angela told us that it definitely felt like divine intervention because she certainly wasn’t ready to leave the house. But of course, the best part about it was that she had a fresh pot of English Breakfast tea waiting for her.

“I was like, ‘Oh my god!’. It felt like heaven,” Angela told us. “I’ve never been to heaven but it’s just like the heaven gates opened and then to just walk into that bunker and the first thing I see is freaking tea, it was amazing!”

This is why we love Angela so much! And of course we too were so excited that Angela wasn’t really evicted, despite her fellow housemates thinking otherwise.

Instead, Angie will spend the next few days in Big Brother’s bunker controlling everything that goes on in the house and of course this means that she’s going to get up to some mischief.


As for which housemates in particular that our Queen will target with her revenge, we have a feeling that Zoe will definitely be in the firing line after the whole shopping debacle.

“That Zoe who said, ‘Oh we’ll just order the green tea and not English Breakfast’, she knew what she was doing,” Jackie said.

“Oh she knew what she was doing,” Angela replied. “She decided to poke the bear so I’m in the bunker and I’m going to start plotting my revenge on everybody.”

Jackie questioned whether Ian would also be targeted in Angie’s revenge plan seeing as he was the one that nominated her and ultimately caused her eviction.

But Angela said that it won’t be just one person and she’ll be a little bit mischievous with a number of the housemates.

“I don’t know Jackie, we’ll have to wait and see because you know, they’ve been testing me a lot, so I think I’ve got a few people in my radar,” she said. “You’ll have to wait and see.”


The one housemate we think Angela will definitely be leaving alone though is model/tradie Chad, revealing that he can “do no wrong” and was some definite eye candy for her in the house.

Lol same Ange. Same.


All of this is due to take place in the upcoming episode of Big Brother on Sunday night at 7pm, but after that the best is still to come! Because after spending a bit of time playing the role of Big Brother, Angela will head back into the house!

“I get to re-enter the house,” she revealed. “So I get my revenge and then BAM I make an entrance once again. So it will be really good to watch.”

You can say that again! We can’t wait for the next episode to air.

Until then, hear our full chat with Angela from Big Brother in the podcast below!

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