Think you’re generous? There’s no way you’re THIS generous.

One Gold Coast family have made history by offering their tropical island resort, Kosrae Nautilus, as first prize in a raffle. The tickets costing only $49!

Aussie couple Doug and Sally Beitz quit their job and moved to the West Pacific region of Micronesia after watching a documentary on the region, and opted to build their own holiday resort.

After more than 20 years managing their successful resort and dive company, the couple have decided to move back to Australia to be closer to family.

Their big fear was selling the resort to a developer, who may change the resort too much – so they decided to give it away as first prize in a raffle instead!

“The idea to transfer the resort and dive business this way, rather than through a traditional sale, is because we want this piece of untouched paradise placed in the hands of someone who truly falls in love with it, someone who has dreamed of island life and who will continue to respect the island’s precious ecosystem, not simply the person with the deepest pockets,” says Doug.

The Win the Island Estates draw takes place on 26th July 2016 and is open to anyone in the world.


The family has just announced that the winner is guaranteed to receive the island, they have lifted the minimum requirement on ticket sales.

Each entry ticket comes with an ocean-themed image shot by award-winning photographer Matt Shepherd. Individual tickets and images are US$49.00 and packs of 10 tickets and images sell for US$349.00.

Buy your own tickets HERE!

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