An Adelaide pizza boy got the surprise of his life when he turned up to deliver a pizza and was greeted with a surprise party…all in his honour. Nick Schappel and a group of friends decided it would be fun to throw a surprise birthday party for a complete stranger and set their sights on the local pizza boy.

The group had seen a similar stunt in America and thought they could do better so they invited around 60 guests, decorated their home with happy birthday signs and waited. All they had to do next was get the pizza boy inside their unit.

“That was a bit of planning. I told my housemate you need to get him in. So when he arrived he pretended he couldn’t carry the pizzas because he had a beer in his hand so we told him the money was inside,” Nick told Mix 1023.

“We were a little surprised he went inside because it was pitch black,” he continued. 


Once inside the party goers gave him one hell of a welcome but soon discovered they were one week too late.

 “We couldn’t believe it was actually his birthday the weekend before,” Nick said.

The boys had hoped their new friend would stay and celebrate with them, but the good sport was adamant he returned to work to finish his shift.

“We decided to call and order around the end of his shift in the hope that he would stay and a have a beer with us. We kept handing him beers but he kept saying no,” Nick said.

This boy deserves a promotion! 


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