Well we’ve gotta say, that’s some damn good name dropping…

This morning Amy Shark joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show to chat about her new song ‘Everybody Rise’ when of course we got to talking about one of her biggest fans and kinda unlikely bestie, Russell Crowe!

The two Aussie stars became good friends after Russell tweeted Amy saying that he loved her songs and she invited him to one of her concerts. And from there, a beautiful friendship blossomed.

In fact, Russell actually ended up setting Amy up on a writing session with none other than Ed Sheeran after sending Ed Amy’s album. What a bloody good friend that is!

Also side note, we can’t WAIT to hear music from these two come out!


But with Amy and Russell it’s not just a professional friendship. Looks like they have some serious fun too!

Amy told us that one time she was out at Russell’s farm and he was giving her a big lecture and some worldly advice when something CRAZY happened!

“I had to do a shot out of Johnny Cash’s grammy,” Amy said rather casually. “And it was just, it was wild.”

You can say that again! And in case you’re somehow unaware who Johnny Cash is, he was one of the best-selling music artists of all time, selling over 90 million records worldwide!

“What a story!” Kyle laughed. “That’s the greatest story ever!”

Hear more from our full chat with Amy Shark in the podcast below!


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