This case just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

Yet more conflicting reports are coming out of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s camps today after the latter claims that Heard REFUSED to testify against her soon-to-be ex-husband at her deposition.

In fact, Depp’s lawyers have since filed legal documents requesting the domestic violence charges be dropped because of Heard’s behaviour; the papers allege that the Magic Mike XXL actress turned up two hours late and “cried and screamed as she refused to testify” against Depp.

It’s also reported that she declined to hand over documents that had been requested by Depp’s counsel.

Of course the claims have been refuted by a source, according to the Daily Mail, who says: “She was there and ready to proceed. She never refused to go in.”

TMZ reported that the actress arrived to Depp’s lawyer’s offices at 11.50am, nearly two hours after the deposition was scheduled to start; she remained there until 9pm, when negotiations reportedly fell apart.

If the domestic violence case isn’t dropped, Depp is requesting an order prohibiting Heard from testifying at all when the trial begins next month.


Doesn’t sound like things are settling down anytime soon.

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