If you’re anything like, oh I don’t know… anyone else on the PLANET, you’ll hate the grinding task that comes with shopping for groceries.

It can feel like something from the Hunger Games, pardon the puns, as you reach for the last ripe avocado and wait in line while the annoying woman in front of you scans her 47th item in the ’12-items-or-less’ lane. Well, I’m SO pleased to say these days are about to be over.

Just TWO short years away is an online supermarket that sees customers being able to order food online and drive thru to scoop it up, as well as a delivery service like you’ve never seen before, called Prime Now.

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Prime Now is an impressive US service that allows you to get ANYTHING, from groceries and restaurant food, to clothes and household items delivered in under two hours.

Amazon Fresh is an online grocery delivering service that recently entered the UK market. Amazon Fresh is set to feature a drive-thru offering, meaning you can do the grocery shopping without setting foot outside the car.


Both programs are set to launch on Aussie shores in the next two years, people!

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