When relationships come to an end there’s always one of two roles to play. The dumper and the dumpee. And it turns out then when it comes one listener Max, more often than not he’s the one doing the heartbreaking.

Max called up to play Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘Am I The Best Sex’ segment this morning when things took an unusual turn. He ended up calling not just one but two exes to ask the all important question. And as it turns out, both of them kinda hate his guts!

It all started out as planned with Max calling up his first girlfriend CJ. But of course when you ask an ex this particular question, especially an ex who could possibly be in another relationship, it’s always going to be risky business.

CJ took no hesitation to completely shut Max down and tell him that in fact no, he was not the best sex that she had ever had.

“Um no, no you’re not,” scoffed CJ. “I don’t really have any reasoning to be honest, it’s just yeah, you’re not unfortunately.”


It looked like it was going to be a pretty short segment, when suddenly Max revealed that we should’ve actually called another one of his exes, an American girl named Kailey, who he said would make for a great chat because she can’t stand him.

“My ex girlfriend who lives in America, we probably wouldn’t have been able to call her because of the time difference,” said Max. “But dude if you called her the ratings would go through the roof because she hates my guts.”

But didn’t you know Max? Anything is possible on the Kyle and Jackie O Show! And so we decided to give it a crack and call up this other ex-girlfriend too. And as it turns out, Kailey’s blood really does boil at the mention of her ex Max’s name…

Find out what happened in the video above!

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