This morning, Kyle and Jackie O caught up with John Esmonds, an ‘alien killer’, who claims to have killed 19 aliens in his lifetime. John’s property in Arizona is known as a ‘hot spot’ for aliens.

Very quickly, John realised that he would have to protect his family, especially as he once awoke to allegedly find his wife ‘levitated’ in the air, with aliens lined up to ‘take turns with her’.

John claims to have killed 19 aliens over his time at the ranch; Kyle and Jackie O had many questions.

‘Okay, so the ‘Greys’ you talk about, are they like the typical aliens we see in movies? Is that what they look like?’

‘It’s pretty darn close. We’re looking at a bi-puddle being that’s anywhere from 4-6 feet tall. It’s very thin, to the touch it feels cool, the skin is almost the texture of a snake, they have large bulbous black eyes that are pigmented like a flies eyes…’


Then, Kyle had a question.

‘Did you see an alien’s penis at any stage?’

‘I couldn’t say… my wife was ‘levitated’ about two-feet off the bed and they were lined up waiting to take turns,’ John answered.

‘Is there anything on them [clothes]?’ Jackie asked.

‘They don’t wear anything at all.’ ‘So there’s nothing [down] there then?’ probed Jackie.


‘Let’s put it this way, when I saw them they were facing her, they weren’t facing me. I tried to sneak up on them with a sword so I could cut them in half, and quite frankly I couldn’t have cared less about that.’