You would think that Alex Perry, being a significant designer in the fashion industry who makes clothes for some pretty mega celebrities, would often get asked about for fashion tips and advice or questions about his upcoming collections.

But nope apparently the one thing that people ALWAYS seem to ask Alex has more to do with with his design collaboration with glasses company Specsavers, because the one thing that people constantly want to know about him is: why does he always wear sunglasses on top of his head?

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O, Alex revealed that it’s really starting to piss him off. “Do you have a question when fans come up to you they always ask you the one question,” asked Jackie.

And as she went to give him an example of a question, Alex jumped in and they both simultaneously said, “why do you wear sunglasses on your head”.

To be honest, it is a fair question because now that we think about it, he really does seem to always have a pair of sunnies perched on top of his head! And of course since he’s a fashion icon, you would wonder to yourself, are the sunnies some sort of fashion statement?

But no, apparently it was all by accident and it just so happened that Alex would constantly be photographed at a time when the sunnies were there!

“I got sh*t for it for such a long time and I still do,” said Alex. “Because I just did, it’s just a thing, and it became a thing, and I don’t care and I’m not going to take them off my head because somebody has a go at me for it.”


“I do take them off, but I won’t take them off because somebody says to me take them off you look like an idiot.”

You do you Alex! After all, don’t we all naturally put our sunnies on top of our head when we walk out of the sun? So who cares if Alex just keeps them there for a little while longer.

Also as Alex pointed out, the sunglasses trend seems to have helped him do well with Specsavers, because who wouldn’t want a person who constantly wears sunnies as the ambassador for a glasses company!

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