This morning, Kyle was very surprised to hear some audio from the one and only Alan Jones.

Alan was asked by Angela Bishop and Studio 10 about what he made of Kyle as a potential talkback radio host – and to be honest, we all braced for impact.

However, what he had to say was actually very sweet.

‘I think Kyle Sandilands has ability. He knows how to handle a microphone and he’s got views and opinions and so on.

‘He’s a genuine radio person, Kyle Sandilands.

‘So I think he would succeed in any format, obviously you do have to have a greater breadth of issues, you can’t be sort of ‘narrow’.

‘Less Kardashians, more Korea?’ Bishop offered.


‘Well yes, quite.’ Jones replied.

‘I have no doubt he would succeed in any format he applied himself to’.

Kyle seemed quite chuffed with that; ’Ah, the nod from the big fella.’

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