Building a house? Sure, makes sense. Starting a business? Sensible. Adopting a child? Quirky but understandable. Building a city? Officially nuts.

The Grammy-nominated singer decided to skip the normal batty tweets you’d expect out of other performers trying to build a city and has actually had the project approved by officials in his home country of Senegal.

Akon is claiming that the city could be the “saviour of Africa“, and will be based 100% on Akon’s own crypto-currency, named “Akoin”, meaning it could function financially outside of government restrictions, supposedly bringing “power back to the people”.

The city is set to be created on 2000 acres of land granted by the President of Senegal, just outside Dakar, the capital of the country. The website for Akoin describes the city as “real life Wakanda”, after the fictional city from Marvel’s Black Panther.

When you hear a musician start talking about making their own city it certainly raises an eyebrow, but given how devoted Akon has been to business ventures in recent years it might not be as insane as we first thought.

You can always catch Akon on his iHeartRadio Artist Station while you ponder how much it would cost to start your own city.


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