Although ‘Backstreet’s back, alright’ might have become known as a popular catch phrase for the 90s boy band, it turns out that the group never actually had to be brought back because they never truly broke up!

While speaking with Kyle and Jackie O fresh off the heels of the Backstreet Boys releasing a brand new single, AJ Maclean revealed that despite the rumours and gossip that surrounding the band for years, they have always been a formed band.

“I know quite a few people out in the media and in the entertainment world thought that we broke up and we just got back together,” revealed AJ. “But, truth be told we have never broken up, not once, in 25-years.”


The rumours of a Backstreet Boys break-up became rife in 2005 when Kevin decided to leave the band, but AJ says even with four guys the band kept moving forward together as a team. He also revealed to Kyle and Jackie O the REAL reason why Kevin decided to call it quits on the group.

When news of Kevin leaving the band was fresh, he claimed that he had made the tough decision in order to move onto the next chapter in his life. And AJ said that this was partly true.

“Back in 2005 Kevin left the band for personal reasons to start a family and pursue acting,” started AJ.

But when Kyle questioned him further, AJ actually revealed that Kevin was experiencing experiencing an issue with the band’s label and this may have been part of the reason for him quitting!

Hear exactly what AJ said about Kevin quitting the band in the video above!


Thankfully Kevin decided to come back to the group and now we’ve got fresh Backstreet Boys tunes to listen to, and all things are sweet in the world once again!

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