Those suffering from asthma and other breathing difficulties are being warned that the air quality in Sydney is expected to remain poor for a second day following dust storms across the state.

Thick lines of dust smothered most of NSW yesterday as strong winds from a low-pressure system lifted masses of dirt from the drought-stricken areas of the state and from South Australian lake beds before it moved towards the coast on Thursday.

A second band was expected late on Thursday or Friday morning according to senior meteorologist from the Bureau of Meterology, Simon Louis.

A public health warning was issued yesterday after the air quality was considered hazardous in parts of the state.

Extra paramedics and call takers were put on duty on Thursday in order to cater for a rise in calls from people suffering asthma and other breathing difficulties.


More than 100 people called emergency services for help yesterday with dozens struggling to breathe.

The strong winds also impacted flights at Sydney airport as well as the firefighting efforts in the Hunter region, where two blazes had residents seeking immediate shelter.

Strong gusts will continue across Sydney this morning with a dust haze still lingering, however, it will be mostly sunny during the day and the wind should ease slightly later in the evening.