Ambitious or Admirable… 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have made the decision to prevent their separation as a couple effect their relationship  with their kids, co-existing in the same property compound that their home sits on so as to continue sharing parenting duties. 

The couple, who were seen smiling together after emerging from a counselling session, will see Garner and the children remain in the main house, while Affleck will move into his own quarters. 

Sources close to the couple say the separation was the right decision and they have seen the weight lifted off the couple’s shoulders. 

“They both seem much happier and relaxed,” a source tells People.

“They spent the past week enjoying the last days of summer and getting the kids prepared to start school again.

“They are both smart when it comes to the kids and will work on putting any conflicts or differences aside.


“They were friends before they fell in love, and want to continue being friends now.” 

Despite their budding friendship, the source also claims that after the ‘nanny dramas’, Garner would never consider taking him back romantically. 

“Jen has really been trying to put all the nanny drama to the side and she is doing well, but there is no way she would ever take Ben back,” the source says.

“…As soon as she took her wedding ring off, she acted like a different person.” 

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