Adriano Zumbo appears to have fallen in love with former My Kitchen Rules star Nelly Riggio.

The dessert connoisseur has whisked off his new flame to the Maldives over the Christmas break, but their relationship is a surprise given Nelly’s appearance on the cooking show in 2016.

The nickname given to Nelly and her then boyfriend JP Huillet was ‘The Love Birds’, but it all seems to have ended with  Zumbo and Nelly celebrating New Years on the tropic island together, with pictures bein posted to Instagram from their trip.

The relationship comes just four months after Zumbo hired Riggio to work in the research and development team for his patisserie, according to the Daily Telegraph.

They report that she moved down from Brisbane to Sydney to take the role, just before her relationship with JP broke down.


It has all moved very quickly, with JP and Nelly appearing to still be an item in a picture she uploaded to social media just sixteen weeks ago.

However, it was the last time he appeared on her feed and she is now on Zumbo’s being captioned a ‘hottie’.

He wrote: ‘Happy New Year 2017 from the Maldives!!!!! Looking forward to many years with this Hottie (sic).’

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