Adriana Lima and the rest of the Victoria’s Secret models will walk down the runway today in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

We don’t think we’re giving away any major spoilers here by saying that Lima and her fellow models are going to look stunning when we see them on the runway, but Adriana Lima and other VS models did give away quite a few of their secrets when they revealed the diets they use to keep their toned, ripped bodies in tip-top condition.

The 35-year-old Lima talked about the daily nutritional guidelines she follows and dished on the secret beverage she drinks every night before bed in order to burn calories.

“Consistency is very important when it comes to eating. I eat six meals a day and work out at least six days a week doing mostly boxing.”

Lima’s secret weapon for maintaining her sexy body: Buckwheat

Yes, every night before she goes to sleep, Adriana Lima downs a buckwheat smoothie, which apparently is loaded with protein and can boost the metabolism while controlling a craving for sweets.

“I’ll mix buckwheat with hemp milk and honey, and I’ll eat it hot or cold depending on how I feel. Eating buckwheat before bedtime actually helps you burn calories while you sleep.”


In addition to the buckwheat before bed, Lima also reportedly consumes oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for a snack, chicken or fish with Japanese yams and quinoa for lunch, raw almonds, dried cranberries and raw cashes for an afternoon snack and chicken or fish with Japanese yams and quinoa for dinner.

So, will Lima’s buckwheat treat work for you? According to registered dietitian and nutritionist Amy Shapiro, Because it is high-fiber, your body could continue to keep working on digesting it when you’re sleeping. But mostly it’ll help with debloating.

You hear that? It’s time to get your buckwheat on!

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