Her voice has broken world records and sold millions of albums, but it hasn’t come easy.

Adele famously had to take time off in 2012 to undergo throat surgery; while singing live on French radio, a polyp on her vocal cord hemorrhaged and she had specialised laser treatment to fix the problem.

So it’s understandable that the 25 singer takes extra care of her most valued asset – even giving up her (and our) favourite food in the process.

This woman truly is superhuman.

“I can’t eat pizza anymore guys, how bad is that?” the Daily Star reports her as telling the audience during a stop on her North American tour.

“Because it’s got cooked tomatoes on it, which are bad for your throat and give you acid reflux.

“How bad is that, that I can’t eat pizza, can you get over that?”


No, Adele. We can’t.

“I’m in America and I can’t eat pizza no more,” she hilariously continued. “It’s worse than Romeo and Juliet! If only Shakespeare was alive, he could write about it!”

The 28-year-old has been entertaining concert-goers since the tour kicked off, taking the opportunity to regale the crowd with her daily antics.

Last week she revealed her embarrassment at having her credit card declined while shopping in H&M, before her dog got into a scuffle with another pup outside; most recently, she admitted that she had turned down an offer to play at the 2017 Superbowl half-time show because she “can’t dance”.

You keep doing you, Adele. 

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