Adele’s third studio album ”25” has been described as ”perfect” since it hit the shelves in November last year. 

As a result she has cleaned up at every single awards ceremony since but Adele has revealed it was so close to being a flop.

In a recent interview, Adele opened up about the quality of her work and how quite a few songs were slashed as people were less than impressed.

She says that Rick Rubin listened to the album when it was finished and he basically told her it wasn’t good enough.

”I played him what I had. With a lot of other songs he was like: I don’t believe you- just because you are singing them doesn’t mean they are good. I feel like sometimes people think they buy anything from you because they are a fan and I think that is a rip off”.

She admitted she had a lot of songs about her son, Angelo but she was made to realise that people did not want to hear her talking about ”being a mum”.

What’s amazing is that the conversation seemed to have changed the album completely as Adele has now gone to sell millions of copies of ”25”.