Adele has hit a bit of a stumbling block with the tax man.

She has been ordered by the UK’s Revenue and Customs to pay back 2.5million GBP ($5million AUD) after she overpaid herself.

The award winning singer is reportedly worth around $160million and is set to sign a new $180million contract with her record label.

Sources close to star have revealed that it was her accountants who spotted the mistake; ”This is embarrassing,’ an insider told The Sun ‘Adele likes to portray herself as a woman of the people so an incident like this which brings attention to her massive wealth isn’t good.’

Adele is paid all her salary through dividends from her company Melted Stone Ltd and Melted Publishing, where she is the sole director.

In 2015, she took home $14million from the two but this is higher than she is allowed, based on the UK’s tax laws.

The situation has now been resolved according to her company.