Adele has announced she is trying to quit swearing after her potty mouth performance at Glastonbury this year.

The singer, 28, was ashamed to discover how many times she said a four letter word at the festival and has vowed to kerb her use of naughty language on stage.

“I managed to swear 33 times,” she said. “33 times. I mean I’m not a mathematician — I didn’t even pass my exams and that — but that’s like every couple of minutes, swearing, right?

“I’m trying to powder my tongue a little bit and not swear so much.”

Adele was speaking on stage at LA’s Staples Centre and asked the audience to give her ‘moral support” in keeping her swearing to a minimum while blaming it all on ”being British.”

She didn’t quite keep her promise during the concert, however, as when she asked if there are any teachers in the arena, she replied ”Well, f***ing hell, I love teachers — they’re so important in our lives.”

A quick apology followed.


Video contains swearing.

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