The Masked Singer returns to our screens tonight as we attempt to guess the rest of the celebrities hiding behind their elaborate masks.

While we’ve already uncovered Aussie stars Gretel Killeen and Brett Lee during the singing show’s stellar premiere last week, there’s still tons of acts left that have got us throwing around celebrity names like nobody’s business.

One of the masks that has had a LOT of speculation surrounding them is ‘The Wolf’.

Last week we heard The Wolf perform a particularly fabulous rendition of ‘I Feel Like A Woman’ by Shania Twain and a snippet from a teaser has given us a glimpse at The Wolf singing a solo version of ’Shallow’ by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

After hearing the voice and all of the clues for The Wolf, many people thought that it could be David Hasslefoff, Rob Mills or even super star singer Adam Lambert!


And so of course, when Adam Lambert joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat about his latest song ‘Superpower’, Kyle decided to try and get to the bottom of the rumour.

“I’ve got to ask you something quite serious,” Kyle said to Adam this morning.

“You know Jackie’s on the panel of this show ‘The Masked Singer’ with Dannii Minogue, Lindsay Lohan, and Hughesy and a lot of people are saying you are the Wolf in The Masked Singer.

“Now Jackie will not tell me yea or neigh on any of the people under the mask… Are you the Wolf or any other of the masked singers?”

But unfortunately for us, Adam remained very coy with his answer and wouldn’t give anything away.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Adam replied in a very sarcastic tone.

“You know what the show is though right? You’re aware of the show?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Adam said once more.

Hmm is this something that a Masked Singer producer has told Adam to say? We mean, if he wasn’t involved in some way, wouldn’t he just say no..?

But maybe he’s just too smart for us all and is trying to trick us!

It would kind of make sense if Adam Lambert was on The Masked Singer though. He’s certainly had his own experience on these types of shows in the past having started out as a contestant on American Idol and has gone on to become a judge on X Factor in Australia.


He was also visiting Australia earlier this year so he definitely could have stopped by Channel 10 to film the show during this time!

Is Adam Lambert under one of the masks on The Masked Singer Australia? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Another celebrity will be uncovered when The Masked Singer continued tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.