ABC news presenter Virginia Trioli has been caught out live on air saying that Donald Trump supporters should be forced to ‘’take an IQ test’ and went on to claim he was staring at his wife’s breasts as he voted.

The ABC Breakfast host was covering the US election at 10 am on Wednesday and assumed the feed had crossed to an advertisement when she had an ‘honest’ chat with her team, according to The New Daily.

Pictures of Trump went viral after he was caught peering over his wife’s shoulder at her vote, and Trioli thinks he was really ‘’looking at Melania’s t**s’’.

Twitter users tried to alert the veteran Australian journalist the feed was still live, tweeting: ‘We can hear you!’

A member of the crew working on the show then gave a glass of water to her desk, and it is believed she had no idea that the stream was still continuing on the online feed.


‘Careful what you say,’ one Twitter user urged the breakfast presenter.

Your audio is coming through the web feed,’ another said. 

There has been no comment from the ABC regarding the situation.

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