If the headline of this article made you go ‘WAH?’ then honestly same.

But I’m here to clear it up for you.

Fan favourite Abbie Chatfield has revealed quite a bit on the going-on’s behind the Bachie scenes and it’s PIPIN’ HOT TEA.

Chatfield recently interviewed on So Dramatic! Podcast and honestly, you may not like her, but you have to accept the fact that she’s an educated and articulate woman.

She delved into the ‘consent’ policy enforced on the filming of Bachelor in Paradise which she experience during her saucy night with Ciarran.

“There was a little touchy feely but it was like a hand on a hip…there was a bit of inner-thigh touch but that’s all there was”, she divulged.

It’s around then that there’s a knock on the window and producer had to interrupt them mid-cuddle to get their ‘consent video’.


A ‘consent video’ is where a contestant would literally have to be recorded on video saying “I give consent to have sex with – insert name here-“.

It’s only after this video is filmed that a pair can go on canoodling.

“You can withdraw your consent and stuff, it’s good” she said, but imagine what a mood killer that is!

She ended up saying, if it wasn’t for the walk-in, she ‘probably would have slept with him’, but because of the interruption she was forced to think about it and decided ‘nah’.

Listen to Kyle & Jackie O’s interview with Abbie below

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