AAMI insurance has been forced to pull and replace one of their advertisements after it attracted complaints from customers who suggested their advertising team should be ”retrenched”.

In a post on their company Facebook Page, AAMI informed its customers that they changed their advertisement which featured a young girl playing an ear piercing recorder in the back seat of a car when her parents’ car broke down.

The company said they had listened to customer feedback and decided to air a new version of the ad.

The revised commercial shows the young girl still playing her recorded but the noise is now a sweeter, less annoying noise.

AAMI’s Facebook post said ”Thanks’ to everyone who took the time to let us know what you thought about our latest ad (even those Tweets suggesting our ad team be retrenched #‎Gulp”

“We’ve listened to your feedback, so, rather than insisting you wait for what’s coming up we thought you’d like to know we’re airing this slightly different version from today. Apologies for all the battered eardrums and howling dogs out there!”


However, the ad may still not be working with one Facebooker saying ”The ad is very annoying in both forms and does not convince me to change from my current policy supplier …”

Another wrote ”Whilst this version is a welcome change the bottom line is it took weeks and hundreds of complaints for you to bother to act, so no doubt it is too little too late for many people. It was playing havoc with people’s hearing aids etc causing migraines and AAMI basically just telling everyone lodging complaints that not to worry the ad will finish it’s run soon.”

Well, you can’t please everyone!

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