If you’re anything like us, you’ve already binge-watched the new hit reality TV show on Netflix, ‘Too Hot To Handle’.

It literally took us two days to get through because we were that addicted. To be fair, there was only like eight episodes, but still, we were committed and couldn’t turn the damn show off.

So you can imagine how excited we were to hear that the drama-filled show, that saw a bunch of singles forced to abstain from all sexual activity in order to learn to form real connections, is getting a reunion episode!

And not only that, but we’re getting it SO SOON!

Netflix announced that the THTH reunion ep is coming later this week on Twitter, alongside a pic of one of the show’s successful couples, Harry and Francesca and the sarcastic host of the show, Desiree Burch.

“Can you handle this?” Netflix asked in the caption. Look we don’t know but we’re certainly going to try, wine in hand!


The episode is called ‘Too Hot To Handle Extra Hot: The Reunion’ and is expected to air on Friday with “fresh updates, frisky banter, and a series of spicy games” with all 14 contestants, according to Elite Daily.

The reunion will of course be virtual amid the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s set to catch us up with what everyone has been up to since filming ended. (And if Sharron and Rhonda aren’t still together we will actually ugly cry).

Oh also we should mention that Netflix is legit over here teasing us with a freaking PROPOSAL on the reunion ep.

In their Twitter announcement, Harry is seen holding up one of those lolly rings as Francesca smiles and host Desiree gasps in complete shock.

“Oh, and Harry does this…”, Netflix said. Umm okay Netflix, don’t do this to us! We can’t handle it!


Does Harry freaking propose to Fran during the reunion?! They sure aren’t shy about moving quickly in their relationship, saying that they loved each other while still on the show.

Whatever happens, we can’t WAIT for this reunion! Friday night plans SORTED!

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