If you could design your very own sushi roll, what would it be?

Oh the possibilities! Isn’t it nice, sometimes, to let your imagination run wild and free? Yes. Yes it is. And thanks to Sushi Sushi, Will & Woody are designing their very own sushi roll to be sold around Australia. And, to quote the Grandma from Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility. ” So, the boys will be moving mountains to make sure their hand roll revolutionises the sushi world. 

They’ve been taking suggestions for ingredients from people all over the country. Some of the best so far:

– Sweet & Sour Pork 

– Cheeseburger 

– Pizza 

– Meat Pie 


– Pulled Pork 

– Nutella and strawberry 

– Egg & Bacon 

But, despite these suggestions, they have created their very own unique sushi roll. Watch the video below!

**WARNING: Don’t watch on an empty stomach.

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