Home & Away actor Dan Ewing is pretty much the perfect package. He’s talented, hot, has eyes to die for and he can act. Also, he’s a river boy.

So, you would think when Hollywood success comes running along, he would jump at the opportunity to act in anything.

Happy birthday to @red_billabong director and Sith Lord @lukesparke 😈🍻🎥

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Well, that’s not how it has worked out for Dan, as he has revealed he turned down a major role, for a very good reason.

Dan told news.com.au that Hollywood works in a way where they think, ‘We’ll offer the lead role to an Australian because we’ll get him for cheap’,” the 31-year-old explained. “It’s like this multimillion-dollar American studio and they were trying to rip someone off because they weren’t American.”

“Because they were filming in another country they could technically offer me less than him,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong — it’s not about the big pay packet, it’s about respect and valuing yourself as an Australian actor. We’re worth every bit as much as the other guys are.”

Snap from the @red_billabong world premiere. In cinemas 25th August people !

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“It was tough, because it would have almost certainly catapulted my career in the US, but I made a decision to value myself as a performer,” he said.

We are sure this isn’t the last time Dan will be offered a role, though, he’s definitely a superstar in the making.

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