Someone isn’t making it out of the Pretty Little Liars summer finale alive.

Marlene King had given an interview with Entertainment Weekly saying ‘’“When I called the actor to tell that person that they were going to die, I did tell this person it is the most spectacular death we have had on the show,”

“It’s groundbreaking for us in the way this person dies, for sure. I think it’s just fun and chilling, and also as we get into the finale and the next ten episodes, we’re trying to come full circle on the show in a lot of ways, and this one sets the groundwork for that.”

From the synopsis of the show, it is apparent that the liars face up with their enemies, and it ends ‘fatally’. Hannah has kidnapped Noel, and the rest of the Liars show up t stop Hannah doing something she regrets.

At this stage, Jenna also arrives on the scene and ends up with a gun pointing at the Liars!

The finale promo features someone crawling with blood and glass all over them, but it could be Jenna or Noel who meets their bloody Noel.

It was announced yesterday that Pretty Little Liars would end after the 7th season.

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