At the beginning of each year our resident psychic Georgina Walker gives us her predictions for Kyle and Jackie O for the year ahead.

And we reckon mega Kyle and Jackie O fans are going to be insanely happy with what she saw happening this year!

Amongst various things in their personal lives, GG told Kyle and Jackie on air this morning that one of the main things that she saw was a Kyle and Jackie O TV Show.

YES! And can we just say it’s about darn time!

“I saw you and Jackie negotiating, oh you’re going to laugh,” Georgina said on air this morning.

“What are we negotiating now?” Kyle asked.

“Like a television show!” GG replied.


Now of course both Kyle and Jackie appear on TV shows already, Trial By Kyle and The Masked Singer respectively, but what GG was talking about here was a TV show together.

As for what it would be like, GG told us that she saw something like ‘Candid Camera’ which was a long running American reality series that saw hidden cameras capture practical jokes on celebs.

“I started to laugh when I saw because it was like ‘Candid Camera’,” she explained. “And I thought, ‘We need something that’s comical and laughing’.

“But I saw you two negotiating together,” GG continued. “Doing something together on television.”

“But Jackie doesn’t like doing stuff with me on television,” Kyle jumped in.

“I know because you’re unpredictable and that may be why Candid Camera is good because it is an unpredictable show,” GG answered.


What do you say Channel 10, shall we make this happen?

Hear GG’s prediction in the podcast below!

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