We all know that Salim Mehajer has been through his fair share of turbulence over the past year, since marrying his bride Aysha in an extravagant ceremony that saw a street in Sydney close down.

Since then, his marriage breakdown has made headlines, with his wife walking out on him, choosing to live with her sister and end association with her hubby.

Just yesterday, Mehajer released a “motivational” video, showing a dramatic acting performance from Mehajer, telling people to ‘stop’ and ‘dream’.

In the clip, Mehajer is seen helping an elderly lady with the phone she left behind in a cafe, after she had looked at him disapprovingly after reading a headline about him.

The whole thing is pretty bizarre, and makes what A Current Affair have found, that much more damning.

The clip shows Mehajer screaming into a phone, saying ‘You’ve got 5 minutes to give me a call!’, the second clip, showing him yelling into the phone again, saying he hoped the person on the end ‘dies’.


This is a far cry from the cool-headed dreamer portrayed in his motivational video. So who is the real Salim?

We may find out tonight.

Source: A Current Affair

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