Bad Blood is officially the biggest video of 2015.

It won the VMA for Video of The Year and countless parodies have been made, but this one comes with a difference.

A couple did their own version after Kevin McDevitt went through a bone marrow transplant, and they’ve suitably titled it “Good Blood”.

He made the fun video with his wife after being diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH).

And luckily, his sister Megan was a match.

They are raising awareness for Be The Match, an organisation that matches people with donors.


“I knew something was wrong when I was getting very fatigued and even developing carpal tunnel like symptoms, “ McDevitt told Yahoo Health about his initial symptoms.

“I chalked it up to working too much, i.e. ‘burnout.’ I took an entire week off to rest on my couch at one point, and I bounced back a little but not for long.

“My doctor thought it might be a stomach issue, as my blood test results at the time were normal.

“Later on, as my condition worsened, I had very large bruises that I had no explanation for.

“That is a sign of low platelets, which are one of the three categories of blood cells made by bone marrow.”

H/T Yahoo!

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