Bachelor favourite Nikki Grogan has once again hinted she is the winner of Richie Strahan’s heart on the Bachelor.

In a series of short questions with the remaining contestants in NW magazine, Nikki talks about her relationship with Richie, implying it’s not in the past.

”I wouldn’t say I’m falling in love yet, but I think there’s definitely potential there and I’m excited to see what happens next,’ she said.

‘I don’t second guess anything he says to me. Everything he says to me I believe and trust and he hasn’t given me any reason to question what he’s said so far.’

It is not the first time the Western Australian beauty has teased that she is the winner of the competition, last month she said ‘’’When I first met him I was in his eyes immediately. And that’s something that continues… continued, continued,’ she told The West Australian. 

The Bachelor finale was filmed in Bali in June and so far, there has been no leak but Nikki seems pretty confident.

On Monday, contestants Alex Nation, Megan Marx and Nikki were Sportsbet’s top three contestants most likely to win.

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