There are several signs you should be looking out for. Signs that can give you forewarning about a cheating spouse so that you don’t suffer a nasty surprise.

Check out the 9 signs below…

#1: They’ve cheated before

Whether it’s with you or with someone before you, there’s a risk. Either because a) a leopard can rarely change its spots, or b) he/she possibly used to cheat a lot and got very good at it – and the time you know about is just the time he/she happened to get caught.

#2: They say they doesn’t believe in marriage – or haven’t spoken about it with you.

If you’ve been together for over 2 years and marriage hasn’t ever come up, alarm bells should be sounding. He/she either doesn’t want to look far enough into the future to make solid plans, or considers anything before marriage to be even slightly unattached – and likes that.

#3: They’re shy or introverted


While it may seem like your partner is too shy to hit on someone, a study from University of South Alabama has shown that introverted people are more likely to go along with it if someone hits on them.

#4: They have a long ring finger

Seriously! A study from the University of Oxford found that people who have longer ring fingers than pointer fingers are more inclined to cheat, as it’s a sign of more testosterone exposure in the womb.

#5: Their father cheated

Some men may think that because their father cheated, there’s no way they’d ever do the same to a woman. The reality isn’t that simple. It’s to do with a predispostion to cheat if their father has done the same.

#6: They take their phone everywhere


This one seems pretty obvious, but in the past, experience has told me that if it looks as though your partner is trying to hide something, they probably are.

#7: People are always joking about how you’re the better looking one

This one is normally for the boys, who’s friends can often tease him about how he’s ‘batting above his average’. Instead of being proud, some people get a thrill out of having something considered ‘better’ than them and then proving that they can get one up on them (by cheating with someone else).

#8: Their friends are known to be cheaters

Unfortunately, the people your partner hangs around or go out with can greatly influence their actions. Especially after a couple of drink, when their friends can turn into their personal ‘cheer squad’.

#9: They have anxiety or get jealous easily


The Journal of Applied Psychology says that if your partner is anxious or jittery, they’re more likely to cheat.

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